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I am located on the second floor of the historic Lincoln Building

Parking is limited on Maine Street, but there are 2 municipal lots close by.

Checks and Cash Only

To schedule an appointment, click the link below

Waxing Services


Lip or Chin

Combination of two

All 3

Basic Bikini

Brazillian Bikini

Full Leg

1/2 Leg


Back or Chest


Full Monty, men's brazillian

Butt Cheeks














If there is an area that is not listed here, when you schedule online,

there is a place for you to add a note.


* Lightly exfoliate the day before your appointment. This helps slough off dry skin cells for optimal waxing results. Remind them not to use acid exfoliants or strong scrubs on the area to be waxed at least 48-72 hours before.

*Refrain from tanning 24 hours before (or after) waxing.

*Don't drink caffeine the day of the wax, as it can make some people sensitive.

* Take a mild anti-inflammatory before your appointment if you're extra sensitive.

* Discontinue using retinoids, topical acne medication and other chemical exfoliating agents at least 72 hours prior to their service to avoid possible lifting of the skin.

*Don't work out right before ypur appointment, as excessive sweating and friction increases your risk of post-wax breakouts.

*Make sure you have enough new hair growth. You need the hair to be at least 1/4-1/2 inch growth (the length of a grain of rice)


You'll be asked to fill out and sign this consent form when you come in.


* Don’t touch your freshly-waxed skin, as germs on hands can irritate the skin.

* Wear loose-fitting clothes on more sensitive areas post-waxing.

* Stay out of the direct sun (artificial or natural) for at least 24 hours. Wear sunblock on newly-waxed areas that are exposed to keep exfoliated skin protected.

* Avoid fragranced lotions, perfumes and soaps for at least 12 hours.

* Use an aloe-based gel such as Gigi Post Wax Coolong Gel to keep skin calm and hydrated.

* Avoid hot tubs, steam and saunas for a few days. Bathe or shower with lukewarm water.

* For underarms post-waxing, use an alcohol-free antiperspirant.

* To reduce the risk of ingrown hairs, bumps, razor burn or redness, start using GiGi No Bump Solution 3 to 4 days after waxing.

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